Nothing is More Beautiful than Yosemite. Thanks God!

Sunshine streamed through the canvas walls of their Camp Curry tent cabin, waking John Smith Sr. with a gentle nudge. Beside him, Jane stirred, a sleepy smile on her face. Their little guy, John Jr., just barely a year old, was already wide awake, babbling excitedly in his crib. Yosemite wasn’t quite the rugged adventure they’d envisioned, but the joy in their son’s eyes made it all worthwhile.

Gone were the ambitious hikes and daring waterfalls. Their days revolved around naps under towering pines and leisurely strolls along valley trails. John Sr., a natural storyteller, narrated everything to his wide-eyed grandson. Pointing at a soaring hawk, he’d weave a tale of soaring bravery. Spotting a family of deer, he’d describe their gentle grace. John Jr., captivated by his grandpa’s booming voice and the wonders around him, gurgled and reached out with chubby fingers.

Evenings on the Camp Curry Pizza and Beer Patio were a different kind of adventure. John Sr. and Jane sipped lemonade while John Jr., perched in his highchair, enthusiastically smeared mashed banana on his tray. The lively music and twinkling lights transformed the patio into a wonderland for their little explorer. John Jr., his face smeared with banana and a contented sigh escaping his lips, seemed to agree.

Shane Camping in Yosemite

Ahhh, Camp Curry Tent Cabins. So many great memories.


  • Jack Smith

    Papa Bear
    Jack could’t be a greater father.
  • Jane Smith

    Mama Bear
    Jane was born to be a nurturing mom.
  • Trevor

    Baby Bear
    What a great Son..
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