Dr. Smith and Trevor making me smile.

The sterile lights of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank, CA, seemed to glow with anticipation. Trevor, his hand gripping mine tight, mirrored the frantic rhythm of my racing heart. Ten hours of labor had blurred into a kaleidoscope of emotions, but seeing his unwavering support calmed the storm within me.

Then, a miracle unfolded. Dr. Smith, a familiar face with a kind smile, announced, “Here he comes!” A wave of relief washed over me as a healthy cry pierced the sterile air. Trevor, our beautiful baby boy, had finally arrived. He emerged, wrinkled and perfect, a crown of dark hair already adorning his tiny head.

Tears welled up in Jack’s eyes as Dr. Smith placed our son on my chest. The warmth of his body against mine, the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest, it was pure magic. Jack leaned down, his voice thick with emotion, whispering, “He’s here, love. He’s perfect.” We held each other, a silent promise hanging between us – to love, cherish, and protect this tiny life entrusted to us.

Trevor’s Birthday Adventure

Oh Happy Day. Thanks God