Shane’s Yosemite Trip

Baby Shane’s first trip to Yosemite was a family adventure filled with wonder. Father John and mother Tonya were excited to introduce their little one to the beauty of the great outdoors. They arrived at Camp Curry, where the scent of pine trees and the sight of towering granite cliffs welcomed them.

Their cozy Curry Village tent cabin became their home for the trip. Shane, wide-eyed and curious, marveled at the sounds of the forest. Early the next morning, they set out on the Mist Trail, with Shane snug in his carrier on John’s back. The trail was a gentle climb, with the roar of Vernal Fall growing louder as they approached.

Mist from the waterfall created rainbows in the sunlight, captivating Shane. He giggled as droplets sprinkled his cheeks. John and Tonya, holding hands, felt the magic of sharing this moment with their son. The trail was challenging but rewarding, with views that took their breath away.

Back at Camp Curry, they spent evenings by the campfire, the glow illuminating Shane’s cherubic face as he babbled happily. As the stars twinkled above, John and Tonya knew this trip would be a cherished memory, the first of many adventures for their little family in the great outdoors.

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  • Jack Smith

    Papa Bear

    Jack could’t be a greater father.

  • Jane Smith

    Mama Bear

    Jane was born to be a nurturing mom.

  • Shane Smith

    Baby Bear

    What a great Son.

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